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Why is Engineering Important in World of Warcraft?  


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Currently, there is a big discussion in the WoW community about whether Engineering is a viable profession in Shadowlands or not. And while we can’t decide for the entire internet, we will instead try to convince you why you should pick up this profession.

First of all, Engineers in Shadowlands will have a very similar playstyle to that of Battle for Azeroth. You have most of the same recipes but also some returning ones that you might be familiar with from the previous WoW expansions. And the fact is that most of them are reasonably useful for Engineers in Shadowlands.

As an example, Engineering can give you a buff that increases your primary stat when you’re doing World Quests. This can boost your speed when clearing the outdoor content in the game. Additionally, you can craft some AOE damaging effects and devices that can control mobs. These can be extremely valuable in mythic plus environments.

But perhaps the biggest reason why you should consider Engineering in Shadowlands is for the ability to resurrect a dead party or raid member during a fight. Battle rez (CR) is a very important component to the PvE side of the game, both raiding and mythic plus dungeons. Classes like Druid, Death Knight, and Warlock have this effect in their toolkit. But with this profession, every class can have battle rez. So if you’re guild is missing some of these classes, then Engineering is the perfect solution!
Additional Recipes

Besides the ones you should target purely for gold-making purposes, there are other interesting recipes in Engineering. The belt enchants are particularly fun, and they offer some fantastic effects that are useful for all classes.

[Dimensional Shifter], for example, lets you enter invisibility while you’re out of combat. [Electro-Jump] is a funny one, allowing you to blink away in a random direction every time you use it. And [Damage Retiliatior] is a nice way to counter melee attacks. Basically, it returns a small portion of the damage they deal to you back to them.

And for the lovers of goggles in World of Warcraft, Shadowlands brings them back. You get 4 different goggles that you can create. Each of them increases the skill in Engineering, and plus, they look pretty cool.

Sadly, though, Engineers didn’t get a mount this time around. Instead, we can create the [PHA7-YNX] pet. It is a small tiger-like creature, identical to the mount granted to you by joining the Kyrian covenant in Bastion. The recipe for it can be purchased with exalted The Ascended reputation. This is currently considered a rare pet, and the price for it at the Auction House is very high!

As you can see, Engineering doesn’t have too many things to offer. However, the existing recipes are very compelling and make the gameplay much more engaging. If you are only interested in making as much gold as possible in Shadowlands, you should think twice about picking up Engineering as your primary profession.

The state of the economy is such that Legendary Items (since they’re needed for every class and spec in the game) are the center of it. There will simply be no shortage of Legendaries until the end of the expansion, so maybe that will be something that you should focus on as well.

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